Bathroom Plumbing Burien


If you are experiencing problems with the plumbing fixtures in your bathroom, you must get them repaired immediately. Having the help of a professional bathroom plumbing company to get bathroom faucet repair and toilet repair should be your priority.

Call Renton Plumbing for efficient services for bathroom plumbing in the Burien, WA area. As an established company, we offer the best services for the alleviation of all types of bathroom plumbing problems like:

  • Low water pressure
  • Broken or damaged faucets
  • Clogged or running toilets
  • Slow-moving drains

Whatever the problems with the bathroom plumbing fixtures, we are adept at handling them. You simply need to call us with the problem you are facing, and we will send in our expert technicians to handle the problem.

Toilet Repair Burien


Any problems with your toilets can be very stressful. Not only are you unable to have regular use of your bathroom, but there is the added stress to get toilet repairs done immediately and finding the right plumbing company to work on the fixtures in your Burien area home.

Count on us for complete services related to toilet repair in Burien as we have been doing this for a years. Being knowledgeable about all toilet repair parts, we know how to fix a toilet that:

  • Keeps running
  • Has a damaged flapper
  • Is leaking
  • Does not flush

Our technicians will use the best quality parts to ensure that the toilet repair job lasts for a long time. The use of inappropriate or sub-standard products and parts is one of the prime reasons for plumbing problems.

Bathroom Faucet Repair Burien


Faucets, whether in the kitchen or the bathrooms, are almost always overworked, and that is the reason for their getting damaged quickly. Bathroom faucet repair usually deals with leaking faucets. If you are facing any faucet problems, look for plumbers that are well-versed with all types of faucets and can offer bathroom faucet repair services efficiently.

Place your trust in us for efficient bathroom faucet repair around Burien. As we have been in this business for a long time, we can provide the following services for bathroom faucet repair:

  • Fix leaky bathtub faucet double handles
  • Remove bathroom sink faucet handles
  • Repair two-handle shower faucets

We are not only well equipped, but we are well aware of the new plumbing fixtures on the market as well as old faucet models. Our technicians know how these faucets work and can repair them.

Call Renton Plumbing at (425) 390-4991 when you need efficient bathroom plumbing services in the Burien area.