Bathroom Plumbing Lakeland Hills


The bathroom is supposed to be a sanctuary, the only place in the whole building that a person uses in solitude. The efficiency of bathroom plumbing fixtures and fittings has a big impact on whether or not the space is as functional as it should be.

At Renton Plumbing, we offer comprehensive bathroom plumbing services in the Lakeland Hills, WA area to help people make hassle-free use of their toilet and bathing area. Home and business owners can schedule a visit by our plumbers to their location for:

  • Installing a plumbing system for the bathroom
  • Fixing bathroom plumbing problems
  • Upgrading or replacing plumbing fixtures

No matter what kind of plumbing work you need to get done in your bathroom, do not hesitate to give us a call. We are an honest, service-oriented plumbing company that can be trusted for seamless services for all big and small bathroom plumbing jobs in Lakeland Hills.

Toilet Repair Lakeland Hills


A malfunctioning toilet is one of the most common bathroom plumbing problems. It is also the most annoying ones. Our toilet repair services are aimed at minimizing the hassles of the customer with prompt and lasting solutions.

Get in touch with us for toilet repair experts who are competent as well as compassionate. We focus on restoring the functioning of your toilet ASAP and ensuring a stress-free experience for you all through the toilet repair job in your Lakeland Hills property. We offer you the satisfaction of working with a company that:

  • Offers 24/7 services to deal with emergencies
  • Employs licensed plumbers
  • Works with advanced plumbing tools and technologies
  • Is family-owned and operated

Let us meet your needs for toilet repair. After our exceptional services, you will think only of us the next time your toilet acts up.

Bathroom Faucet Repair Lakeland Hills


We are also the go-to experts for bathroom faucet repair in the Lakeland Hills area. Call our plumber for bathroom faucet repair when the fixture:

  • Starts leaking
  • Has no or low water pressure
  • Sprays water around
  • Produces smelly or discolored water

No bathroom faucet repair is too complex for us. Our bathroom faucet repair specialists know how to remove faucet handles without screws, how to fix a leaky bathroom facet double handle, and much more. Trust us to make your defective faucet as good as new.

Hire Renton Plumbing for bathroom faucet repair or toilet repair in your Lakeland Hills property. We fix all other bathroom plumbing problems too. Call (425) 390-4991.